Art in the land of Cherry gift
Date: 11/03/2014

Gift giving is a habit and a ritual is indispensable in the daily lives of Japanese people. Gift giving is seen as a way to show the love and respect each other. The gifts that are more meaningful and Japan attaches great importance to the packaging and gift giving etiquette. It also is a subtle art longstanding culture of human origin Sakura.


A special gift is not in its material value, which is in your way to convey your feelings to the recipient through the preparation and the way you presented to that person again. Although this is a custom friendly but if not careful you could end up with the right style taboo in Japanese gifts that you do not know. And here are some rules to keep in mind when giving gifts to visit the land of the rising sun Light:


1.  Choose small gifts, simple, does not necessarily need to be expensive but beautiful package, be careful with gift wrapping paper, gift wrap paper to avoid green and purple. This will make the recipient feel that your interest and be prepared before giving gifts, rather reluctantly.

2. Carefully put gifts with both hands to show respect

3. Giving gifts at the end of the meeting, not donated before work because doing so can understand your partners will use the gift to influence job.However, to enlist the sympathy of the partners, after finishing the job, you should hurry before gifting them the better is his gift to them first and then donate to their new.

4. Absolutely avoid the gift of 4 or 9 because the number 4 homonymous with the word "death", meaning "dead" and number 9 is considered bad luck because it means suffering, the suffering; the white flowers, lilies, jewelry and all things clothing, accessories can be put on and the decorations in the house, it will make the recipient reluctant to use, display out whether they like it or not.

5. No gift with a gift for different people because Japanese people take very seriously the distinction hierarchical and highly valuable gift than to be given to people with higher positions.

6. Do not Give Japanese hair comb for comb from the Japanese word "Kushi", "ku" is suffering, the suffering, "shi" homonymous with the word "death", "kushi" plus the This two misfortunes.

7. If the Japanese as a gift for you, you should immediately expressed his thanks, but wait the story confirms gifts donated a couple more times before receiving that gift, and have to use two hands to pick up the dishes gifts.

8. Like Vietnam customs, if the gift that is denied, then suggest you try one more gift. It is perfectly normal and polite in Japan when you refuse a gift, twice before getting it.

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