Origami - Art meticulous gently
Date: 10/03/2014

Origami is the art of entertainment is very effective, especially when creating a new form: run wild, free search something, bring their own colors. When manually completing a difficult form, or order a sample or composing, it felt like it was fun.


Origami  is the  art of paper folding  originated from Japan. The word  origami  in Japanese derived from two words:  ori  is critical or classified and  kami  paper.  Origami  only been used since 1880, before that, the Japanese use the word origami orikata.Thuat has from about 1 or second century 2 in China. After that, the art of paper folding has spread to Japan in the 6th century and gradually became a unique art of Cherry origin.  Origami  traditional Japanese may be to serve ritual, as Noshi (tidal Muromachi 1392-1573).

Origami folding combine to turn a simple rectangular piece of paper, which is usually square, into the complex, not in the process of folding collage, this is also the trend of Origami modern. Unlike people often think, the rules Origami traditional Japanese (starting around Edo dynasty (1603-1867), the less stringent Origami modern folding paper can be round, triangular, can cut and paste the folding process.


The Japanese see origami as a part of culture and tradition of the country rather than a form of art.Today there are still a large number of people who love origami , however, to pursue and learn how to fold, how to compose the new form is not everyone doing it, because it requires people to have patience and careful gradually fold in the kidney. Moreover folded several times proportional to the complexity of the model, a simple folding pattern butterfly as well as experiencing some 100 steps.In Vietnam, also your favorite teams Origami  work together, exchange information and to create new products.


Origami works great with psychology. It has been proven in many cases have the effect of calming nerves, cure insomnia and stress. Many doctors and physical therapy professionals have usedorigami as therapy rewarding physical and mental.

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