The ground rules in Japan
Date: 10/03/2014

Before leaving to Japan to study and work, each student should equip themselves with the tools they not only knowledge of the language but also need a certain understanding of the rich culture of the land Sunrise countries. The more you understand, the more absorbed into the Japanese culture, life in Japan, you will be more convenient and more fun. We learn together about 34 "ground rules" in Japan okay!

1. Do not use the bathroom in a public place, if used, must be discreet or on the toilet

2. At the restaurant does not use hot towels to wipe the face, just to wipe our hands

3. The world goes out with no shoulder gown her grandmother together

4. No finger pointing at others

5. No vibration thigh

6. Using cups, chopsticks correctly

7. Do not ask the age of people you are talking to yourself

8. Also lover, wife, husband, son, do not ever touch the person you are speaking with her even at times intimate and anger, quarrels

9. No spitting, picking your nose in public

10. Do not bother talking noisy neighbors

11. Board the power to keep order, not to talk loud to disturb people around

12. Do not listen to music on the subway factor

13. No eating on trains

14. No squeezed feet when sitting in subway

15. No pushing, shoving

16. Queue, not interrupted

17. Do not litter, recycle their waste can carry on home leave when required

18. Do not mind the scrutiny around

19. Do not Steal

20. Do not argue, fight

21. No noise to disturb other people at home

22. No glanced horizontal, vertical glanced at dialogue

23. When working, do not touch on things unknown

24. Go to the Japanese, or Japanese-style dining shoeless on the floor, take off our shoes to the ground.

25. Go up floor tatami mats, if they do not take off socks

26. Not fed others.

27. Do not ask other people's salaries.

28. Do not ask your weight and body image commentators who are talking to themselves.

29. No one another by bicycle, cycling is only for 1 person. Police will ask if you find yourself carrying more cyclists that one more person.

30. Do not drink alcohol while driving will be fined heavily if undetected

31. Do not walk and smoke, do not leave cigarette butts indiscriminately

32. No arms crossed in front, not put his hand in his pocket 2 hand while talking

33. No phone number and address of the person to another person without their consent.

34. No talking on the phone during meals or when talking with others


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