Japan Study Abroad Admissions 2014 - University of Kobe
Date: 12/03/2014

I) Introduction of Kobe University

Kobe University is known in the Kansai region Shindai, is the leading universities of the country is located in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. 
Founded in 1949, but the origin of the university academic Kobe track Founded Kobe College of Commerce in 1902. In 1929 the school was renamed Kobe University of Commerce, and in October 1944, became the University of Economics, Kobe. 
1949, Kobe University of Economics, College preparatory courses of Kobe University of Economics , College of Business Administration at the University of Economics Kobe, Himeji High School, Kobe Technical College, and normal school Hyogo Hyogo Junior Normal School were combined to form Kobe University. In the first phase, Kobe University began with six apartments. Since then, the department and the university has added a new, reorganized to enhance the learning environment of the school. 
1992, the Division of Liberal Arts and Education Department was reformed, leading to the creation of scientific, cultural, scientific human development, and the Institute for Higher Education Research. At the same time, the University of International Cooperation Studies have established new. 
2003, Kobe University of Mercantile Marine (Kumm) is integrated into the Kobe University. April 2004, Kobe University was established by the national government Bill Japan University of corporations. Today, teachers have graduate programs, to promote a better learning environment for students and researchers. 
including Kobe University nine colleges and 11 departments. The university held a total of about 15,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programs and graduate. Organization welcomes foreign students, accounting for a total of 963 students, in 2005 the school has 2,800 employees, including professors, associate professors and administrative officials. 
Located next to the foothills of Mount Rokko , the university offers a view of the city and port of Kobe, providing an environment for the pursuit of academic research, especially the social science area. Kobe University is a university in the nation's oldest and largest Japanese.

II) The field of study, faculty, School for International Students University program: 

* Intercultural Studies 
* Faculty of Human Development, Faculty of Law 
* Faculty of Economics, School of Business Administration 
* Faculty of Science, School of Medicine (Medicine), School of Medicine (Health Sciences) 
* Faculty of Engineering Arts, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Marine Science.

* Science writer


III) The disciplines for International Student Masters programs and PhD:

- Humanities Research cultural exchange 
- Human Development and Environment 
- Law 
- Economics, Business Administration 
- Science 
- Medicine 
- Health Sciences 
- Engineering 
- Information Systems 
- Science Agriculture, Marine Science, International Cooperation Studi.

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