Date: 12/03/2014

Japan has annually for students - student scholarships Vietnam, Vietnamese students to have the opportunity to experience, talent development and self image of Japan.2014, the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam has announced information about  the scholarship program of the Japanese government  from 02.04.2013 (Monbukagakusho Scholarship – MEXT ) under JF235/13 function.

Ministry of Education and Training in Japan  admission notification Study in Japan 2014  is as follows:

1. The number of candidates and scholarships mode

- Ministry of Education and Training will prequalification to select no more than 80 postgraduate candidates presented to the Embassy of Japan organized examinations (written and oral exam).


- Candidates received under this scholarship program will be Japanese government issued a ticket travel to and subsistence expenses, school fees for Preparatory school year and full-time master's program, doctor if passed entrance exams of postgraduate Japan.

- Qualified candidates are expected to attend school in April or October 2014.

2. Requirements for the candidate objects

- Staff or contract staff have good moral character, good health and determined to go to school in Japan, preferably working in universities, institutes, universities and colleges, institutes research agencies and state enterprises;

- People who have received scholarships from the scholarship program of the Government of Japan have 03 years working in Vietnam after the country recruiting new participants this time. Served in the military or working for the military and those who study abroad applicants under other scholarship programs are not subject drirectly;

- Not more than 35 years old by the time the scholarship (01/4/2014);

- University degree in a regulated system with good long-term upward. For school candidates must have a doctoral program with a master's degree more academic results at good level and above or equivalent. Private health sector could accept cases with excellent university graduates enroll directly Ph.D.;

- Register majors right or close to the industry have been trained undergraduate, masters;

- Foreign Language Requirements: Fluency in English or Japanese, who have a priority of the diplomas / certificates following:

+ School diploma, masters in foreign language learning is used in English and Japanese;

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