Admissions 2014 study in Japan - Yamagata University
Date: 11/03/2014

Study abroad is the choice of many parents and students in Vietnam, but to choose the right direction to be introduced into a future expectations, most successful people have a lot of studying in the host country, the company to do, enterprises, large corporations or start my own business but besides that there are also negative part is choosing the wrong direction from the start. So, the children and parents take the time to learn the case carefully before deciding to go to.

At present, the tendency of the students to find - before students studying abroad are looking at the capital, by the good training environment and have many opportunities for them to find good jobs.However, so that when they go to Japan to meet a lot of difficulties (because so many students choose the capital at the same time).

We assert that, as a university college in Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata , Japan will also be a good choice for students - students to study and work.

Here is the information you need to know:

1. Summary Yamagata Prefecture

- Prime Minister Yamagata 
- Tohoku Region 
- Area 9.323.34 km ² (9th) 
- Population (2005) 
+ Population 1,216,116 (33th) 
+ Density 130 / km ²

Yamagata prefecture to cover 13 major cities, and 1 Yamagata University.

2. About Yamagata University

- A comprehensive curriculum and intensive research in northeastern Japan:

+ Yamagata University annual enrollment of about 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

+ Yamagata University offers programs in the fields of agriculture, arts and humanities, education, engineering, medicine, natural sciences, nursing, social sciences.

- Geographical conditions

The scene outside of Yamagata University

 Yamagata University has 4 offices in a city surrounded by mountains and the waters of the small, making teaching and learning, research more unique pieces at YU.

+ Kojirakawa campus (College of Humanities, Education, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences) and Iida campus (Medicine and Nursing), both located in the city of Yamagata. The whole city of about 250,000 people is completely surrounded by mountains including Mount Zao, a region world-class skiing.

+ But in the south, the campus Yonezawa (technical department) is Yonezawa city, a town, "sitting" on the foot of mountains Wagatsuma, where the Mogami River - one of the major rivers in Japan.This city is famous for its old feudal architecture of the Uesugi clan.

+ Tsuruoka campus (Agricultural Science) located in Tsuruoka city on the plain Shonai. The city is facing the Japan Sea and mountain view Choukaisan and Gassan, 2 of the 100 greatest mountains in the country.

- Training at Yamagata University

+ YU purpose of education: to help students expand the view, think - critically, and make yourself get the basic skills and learning needed for deep research expertise.

+ There are 750 basic courses and workshops for students in all disciplines each year.

+ All first year students are required to participate TOEIC IP 2 times a year. To ensure catch up with the needs of language in the workplace.

+ Training Japanese: Here, the children are regularly exchanges to enhance understanding of Japanese language and Japanese culture. The children will be learning Japanese and flexible way to quickly improve the Japanese language proficiency.

- The faculty at the University of Yamagata :

Faculty of Humanities

+ Folklore

+ Economic Policy

Science education culture sector

+ Education sector

+ Innovation Culture

+ Synthetic Life

Faculty of Natural Sciences

+ Number Theory

+ Physics

+ Materials and Life

+ Creatures

+ Environment Earth

Faculty of Medicine

+ Medicine

+ Nursing

Faculty of Technology

+ Technology high molecular function

+ Technology chemical substances

+ Technology systems

+ Technology: Electronic

+ Information Science

+ System Application Technology

Faculty of Agriculture

+ Food and living environment

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