Eligibility to study Japanese in 2014
Date: 11/03/2014

Many students - Vietnam student wishes to study in the most advanced country runner so they could come to us for advice, general questions and first of them is: "You only learn level 2, you have to study it? "Or" I do not know anything Japanese, sir, are you going to be studying the Japanese in 2014 not? "," I have just returned from Japan was 5 months prior forms is my other training, you can go up study in 2014 or not? ".....

In this regard we advise you as follows:

Minimum conditions to pursue his dream of studying them is:

1. You must be at least high school graduates (5.0 or more points)

2. My family can prove financial conditions in the first 1 year

3. You must have a minimum qualification Japanese equivalent of 150 more (equivalent to N5)

4. I have ambitions and prove it.

Special: For now, the tu me 4 sure conditions on it, however, I have not been studying Japanese participation in water when they are not more than 1 year (ie: less than 1 year I will not be involved study program).

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Specific eligibility Japan to study in 2014:

Conditions 2: Immigration Bureau of Japan should ask them to have a sponsor and who can prove that their financial ability (possible father, mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, ...), and demonstrate the required amount depends on the sponsor in Vietnam.

On the trying conditions 1 and 3: If the child graduates from high school and have a minimum of Japanese Language Proficiency JLPT level 5 or Nat - Test level 4, eligible applicants in big cities such as: Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kobe, ... etc., even if there is no Japanese language ability, the children only to the small-town Japan.

If you have graduated from college or higher (class time is 3 years or more), you may file in the big city.

4 conditions: I had desired to Japan is really proving it becomes difficult. If you are not confident about yourself, we will help them do this.

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