Participants study in Japan
Date: 11/03/2014

Season studying Japan in 2014 has been conducted at hasu. We have received many questions about seasonal advice for Japan to study this 2014. Out of the question, the question that many students - past students interested primarily related to the question, subjects participated in study Japanese ?

FAQs participants to study Japanese

On this question, we answered as follows:

- For ages:

+ With Japan study abroad program for high school subjects under 18 years of age can participate.

+ And the study abroad program undergraduate Colleges ... the age requirement from 18 - 30.

- Graduated in Vietnam is an advantage

- The new trainees countries can also participate (required: the country has a minimum 1 year)

- Proof of financial capacity minimum of 1 year study in Japan:  You will be the center for specific advice in the process of making records

- Achieve N5 (equivalent Japanese 150 class): You will join Japanese class before studying abroad in Japan.

- In particular, the students - students who want to prove yourself in an innovative environment and want to earn extra income.

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